Intelligent Leisure Solutions (ILS3) is a group of companies whose core competency is Internet, Innovation and Technology applied to several sectors – Consulting, Tourism Development, Travel and Real Estate.

The first company of the Group, Intelligent Leisure Solutions Consulting (ILSC), was founded in Brazil in 1999.  It was followed by Intelligent Travel Solutions (ITS) in 2003 as a spin-off from one of its Consulting Jobs where a large Market demand in online travel services for Brazil was identified.

In 2007 Intelligent Web Solutions (IWS) was set up as a spin-off based on the experience, knowledge and results achieved in SEO and Internet Marketing from Intelligent Travel Solutions (ITS).

In 2008 a small translation company was incorporated into the group due to ITS demands for Web Copywriting and Translation services, this company was called – Intelligent Content Solutions (ICS).

The last group to join the ILS3 group was Intelligent Real Estate Solutions (IRES) in 2010, a spin off from ILSC. Intelligent Real Estate Solutions (IRES) is a Real Estate company in Brazil that focuses on both commercial and residential real estate services in Brazil for foreign investors, expatriates, and  Brazilians.

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