• Revolutionary digital product able to connect the real and the virtual worlds instantly.
  • A simple object using the highest technology in transmission of data and geolocalization.
  • Provides interaction between your brand and your public in a light and unpretentious manner.
  • The character of social sharing allows the dissemination of your brand and sponsors to a broader audience.
  • It Works like this (example):
  1. Install our readers at an event, tourism destination, bar, restaurant, party, hotel, etc;
  2. Our readers will take photos or vídeos of the participants and these photos or vídeos will instantly appear on users’ social media pages, like Facebook, FourSquare, Twitpics, Flickr, etc., also on your social media channels of the sponsors and organizing company;
  3. The photos and vídeos can have frames with logos or call to actions on them;
  4. This User-generated content will then appear on the users’ social media pages for all their friends and followers to see;
  5. Brand Activation through individual user’s pages.